• OrtoMalli insoles

    uusjalkaSo you could walk like you are supposed to…

    It is generally assumed that insoles purpose is to give more support to the foot. This is not true. The main point in using insoles is to direct your kinetic chain to its right posture.

    If you are suffering from lower leg pain or hip pain don’t pamper your feet. It’s more efficient to train your feet back to its natural movement.

    OrtoMalli insole can be used in any shoe that doesn’t have its own pronation support. Best shoes have vertical space for the toes and a flat sole.

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  • back_painWhy OrtoMalli?

    Overpronation or flat foot deformity cause many deformities and kinetic chain dysfunction.

    The use of OrtoMalli insoles is advisable when you have chronic ankle, knee or hip pain.

    We also suggest the use of insoles also if your lower back has felt tired and painful for a long time and you cannot stand for a long period of time without leaning on your other foot. The main purpose of the insole is to prevent these symptoms!

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  • Unique interactive insole


    OrtoMalli insoles stimulates your feet into right posture.

    OrtoMalli insoles are usually not painful. They feel comfortable and can be worn right away without special training. OrtoMalli insoles are bone-anatomically correct. If you do feel pain or soreness.

    However, you need to exercise your foot to adapt it to the insole and the right shape. The pain stops when foot tissues re-adapt to correct way of moving.

    A good way to adapt the foot is to use insoles for short periods several times a day.

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