Fix the OrtoMalli heel wedge onto the OrtoMalli insole by fitting the pegs of the heel into the holes of the insole. Remove extra pegs from under the insole.

You can alter the posture of the foot with an extra wedge (thickness 5 or 10 mm). They can be used to get a thicker heel wedge or to change the centre of gravity. In this case, you need to use a heel wedge under both feet.

If, for example, one leg is longer than the other, use a 5 or 10 millimetre wedge on the shorter leg. Ask advice from your therapist.

You can use the same implants to raise the transverse arch. In this case, implants should be installed on both insoles.

When raising the transverse arch, the idea is to use a physiologically correct implant, which extends all the way to the heel. Indications of the condition include pain in the foot and toes. It is important to use shoes that have enough room for your feet!