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Flattening of the forefoot is a common cause of kinetic chain dysfunction. The principle of OrtoMalli is to bring the foot immediately into an optimal bone anatomical posture. When the arch has fallen considerably, different exercises are used to adapt the foot to the OrtoMalli insole and then back to the correct kinetic chain.

Most users find that the insole instantly feels good. This saves costs because there is no need to model the deformed foot. The consumer receives an inexpensive product quickly – and most, especially the young, can be rehabilitated in time.

Wear OrtoMalli insoles in all shoes, also indoors, to ensure therapeutic effect. Correct bone posture creates an optimal kinetic chain (also when standing) so that muscle effort is not required to maintain an optimal posture. This way the entire energy of the muscles is focused on a physiologically correct motion in our joints, and you can, for example, stand in a good posture for many hours without getting tired. This helps to avoid all kinds of injuries due to overuse.

The transverse arch can be physiologically correct only if the longitudinal arch is correct. The transverse arch is visual and is mainly created mechanically because the central metatarsal bones are longer than the lateral ones. In other words, the transverse arch is flattened only if the longitudinal arch is flattened. (You can do a test: place your palm against a table and bend at the knuckles keeping the fingers straight. You see that your fingers form a crossways arch. The principle is the same as in the foot.) The transverse arch should be raised with a wedge implant extending all the way to the heel. If only a transverse arch support is used, medial toe bones will function in hyperextension, which is not physiologically optimal.

Is a handmade insole worth EUR 120–190? The high price of handmade soles is, naturally, due to the required time and materials. A handmade sole is made of parts which are already included in an OrtoMalli insole. The shape of the sole has to guide stepping and standing into the right posture. The shape and low price of OrtoMalli insoles are very competitive.

Insoles have to be made individually only if trauma or diseases cause exceptional symptoms when it is not possible to correct the posture of the forefoot.