OrtoMalli is an interactive Trainingssystem for the foot.


OrtoMalli insoles are Finnish insoles that are not contoured to the deformed sole of the foot but used to adjust the foot back to an optimal posture. Abnormal foot postures are becoming more common and cause more problems especially as we get older.

You probably have a kinetic chain dysfunction if you have to lean on your knees (hyperextension) or on your other foot after a short period of standing.

The OrtoMalli insoles have been designed according to the genetically correct physiological posture of bones. The aim is to reach and maintain a physiologically optimal posture and balance of the foot, ankle, knees and back. The OrtoMalli insoles ensure a good posture starting from the foot. This way the correct kinetic chain is obtained very quickly via the knees and onto the pelvic region and the entire back.

Examination of the posture of the entire foot and leg and its effect on the kinetic chain is an essential component of back treatment.All insole sizes have been sized carefully.

The OrtoMalli insoles are made of very durable elastomer, and have ventilation holes which increase airiness. The surface material is an anti-bacterial microfibre and lasts for many years of use. The insoles are machine washable. They fit almost all shoes. The insoles keep their shape well but are also very flexible, so they adapt well to the motion of the feet. The posture of the foot can be adjusted with so called additional implants if the aim is, for example, to raise the transverse arch of the foot or a heel wedge may be used or if the legs are of different length.

Teenager, think about your health and imagine yourself as a 70-year-old… Taking care of your health today impacts your health tomorrow. Now is the time to improve your quality of life.